“The Battle With the Blade” by M.E. McM

The knife is taunting me
It wants me to slice.
"No" I tell it
"That wouldn't be wise."

"Just one more time"
it asks me once again
"But i'm still waiting for
the last one more time to mend."

"You'll feel better if you feel
my blade upon your arm."
"Why do you tease me
when you know you do me harm?"

"Just pick me up slowly,
and gently press down"
silently i'm mesmerized
as i reach down to the ground

to pick up my little friend
that talks to me at night
there really was no point
in putting up a fight

Because in the end he always wins
and i, always lose
So now the next thing I have to do
is pick and carefully choose

Where I must be branded
where to place my notch
for every mark upon my skin
stands for a battle lost