“Marilyn Died” by Todd-Michael St. Pierre

Set aside your quilt and pride,
Make room inside your heart.
Rise above with grace and love,
This is your brand new start...

In the Church of Norma Jean,
In the Temple Of The Blonde,
I believe in The Beautiful
And the great beyond.

Go witness to the lonely,
Share the good news with your friends.
New evidence implies that...
Marilyn died for your sins.

I woke one night to blinding light,
I heard her sacred voice
"You must escape the mental rape,
My child, you have a choice!
Cast out your indecision,
Follow me, I know the way.
Come share the mystic vision,
Black and white, both straight and gay."

Marilyn died at the hands of opression
Calling all victims of circumstance
Send her your prayers and your silent confession
Marilyn died but there's still a chance
Marilyn died at the hands of opression
Hollywood killed her, oh it's sad but true
In this world of greed and self obsession
Marilyn died, but there's hope for you!

In the Church of Norma Jean,
In the Temple of the Blonde.
I have faith in deliverance,
And the PEACE beyond.

Believe and receive new life,
As fear and chaos ends.
She died and through her suicide,
Empowerment begins.

She died that you may live,
As self esteem descends.
She died, prehaps not FOR,
But BECAUSE of our sins!

Those ballistic-voyeuristic-egotistic-un-realistic


Amen and Blessed Be!