“Richie (Azure is a colour of BLUE)” by Todd-Michael St. Pierre

Azure is a colour, (alone is alone not alive)
a strange and icy BLUE yet laced with deeper promise
Azure is a birthmark, lover why is it I strive
with the hopes of Angels and the doubts of Thomas

How well I know the indigo, the pain of emptiness...
The wanting & waiting, Like the blue is in my Genes
within your eyes the bluest skies yet still I do confess
The blessing & the curse are ONE, tell me what it means

"Cross my Heart" You know I have "My love, my valentine"
I taste your lips and I remember your tender song to me!
"In all the world you'll never find a love as true as mine"
In vain I try, Blue Butterfly...you don't belong to me

Let me live and breathe you now, for you my spirit sings
Know that you have touched me with raw & uncensored things
However slanted your halo, however singed your wings
Let me live and breath you now, to you my spirit CLINGS

Baby blue, Navy blue, in Midnight blue I wait for you
with Too high expectations, with longings so obscure...
Alone is not alive, so lover why do I strive
For a permanent shade of, I guess I'm made of...

Obscure Azure
For certain and for sure!
but I shall endure
I don't want the cure
there is such allure
in pure