More Updates…

For the first time in a VERY long time, the submission queue is all caught up.  Now it is time for me to get some work done on the site itself.

The review sections have been removed from the site.  These sections have never been terribly popular: Only two music review submissions have been received in the last six years. As part of the ongoing effort to streamline the site into something more akin to a literary journal, the movie, music, book, and game reviews have fallen outside the territory we want to cover.  If I want to throw an entertainment recommendation your way, don’t worry, I’ll do it right on the blog.

Speaking of: Everyone HAS to go see “The Lovely Bones” while it is still in theaters!!!  Why is “Avatar” collecting awards when this AMAZING piece of cinematic art is showing on a neighboring screen? I can count the films I’ve found truly moving on one hand, and “The Lovely Bones” has made that list.  (And since I know someone will ask, no, I have not read the book, though I may pick it up if I see it at Mac’s Backs or HPB.)

Okay, back on topic…

The next thing to go will be the message forums.  As soon as the blog has been moved, this will happen.  If you need to collect any work or drafts out of the “Work in Progress” forum, get it done ASAP.

I’ve been asked why the forums are being closed.  When the internet was a new thing for most people, having a community discussion on a poetry site worked.  However, as time has gone on, the community discussions have moved away from sites like this and taken up residence on sites like Facebook.  Again, efforts are being made to focus on the core of poetry, stories, and art that have made popular these past thirteen years, leaving the mass-media chit-chat and skewed polls to the social networking sites.

Work is underway on more podcasts.  Three new episodes were released earlier this month, and two more are nearing completion.  Unfortunately, due to time limitations, the podcast work had to take a temporary pause while I worked through the submission queue.  There’s one more big change on the way for the presentation of the podcasts, something that I think everyone will love to hear.    Keep listening.

Our live event schedule is right on track!  Saturday Night With The Poet’s Haven shows will now be held on the third Saturday of every month.

February 20th, we’ll be at Blue Arrow Records in Cleveland, with featured poets Azalea Tidwell and Miles Budimir and featured musician Blackwell!

March 20th, we’re at Angel Falls Coffee in Akron, with featured poet Laraine Seidl and a featured poetry/music set by T.M. Göttl and Zach!

April 17th’s show is in the works, and won’t be what was expected.   Then May 15th, we’re at Angel Falls with John Dorsey and Christina Brooks!

Also, be sure to check out the Canton First Friday Poetry Slam!  The first Friday of every month, a huge art festival fills downtown Canton, Ohio.  Come to the 2nd April Art Galerie (downstairs in the Kathleen Howland Theater) at 7:30 for the First Friday Poetry Slam.  The show starts with an open-mic to warm everyone up, then we have the competition.  First place takes home $50, second and third take home $30 and $20.

Okay, back to work I go…