Welcome to the new Publisher’s Blog

This here marks the point where the new Poet’s Haven Publisher’s Blog goes live.

I’ve spent some time over the past several months checking out various blog programs, intending to keep the blog hosted on PoetsHaven.com.  There are many great programs out there, but none that had all the features I wanted to have already built in.  While I certainly could work on a program and add everything, I decided that time is an issue (or the lack thereof) and it would be best to simply take the easy route.  So, the new blog is here on Google’s Blogger.com.

I was selective in which old posts I imported here.  Many posts promoting shows or announcing a new podcast were left behind, along with all the posts (and all the newsletters from before the old blog was launched) talking about parts of the site that have been closed.  (How many posts would you want to read about the old chat room, which has been closed for several years?  lol)

So here we be.  This is where I’ll now be posting Poet’s Haven event promotion, podcast updates, and the occasional rant or bitching session.  Have fun!