“In Broad Darkness” by Todd-Michael St. Pierre

Tonight, a torch song is burning,
on the levee in Gramercy,
a bonfire, a distant always,
as hot as nineteen sixty-three.
After church we walked in silence,
beneath the tangled oaks, I knew,
and fancied Satan was upset,
when i sold my soul to you...
For a moon you never owned,
for a night of stars and bliss,
baptized in broad darkness,
hey, did we invent the kiss?
Divine and human, all at once
it went beyond blood brothers,
before we knew the sin and shame
imposed by peers and christian mothers.
Southern closets grow damp and cold
with fear and condemnation dealt
to boys who did not fit the mold
they beat us with the bible belt.
Tradition ruled, all else was odd,
redeemed, i sought a life with god,
through prayers for grace, my soul confessed...
plum naked was your sunday best!