Is your book or CD on Amazon?

Attention all Poet’s Haven contributors!  Do you have a book or CD published and is it available on Amazon?  If so, please contact me and let me know!

I’m looking for books and CDs by authors and artists that we have published both on and in the podcast.  I would like to add more items to the rotating Amazon ads appearing on the site, and have been considering a regular or semi-regular “Vertigo Picks” type thing posted here.  (Remember how the old Poet’s Haven Newsletter e-mails had staff entertainment picks at the end of the message?  Ahhh, the good ol’ days…)  While the “Vertigo Picks” thing might occasionally be something not on Amazon, I would like to try to keep it focused on things that we can get commission on.  (Hey, those commissions are what pays to keep the site up!)