Vertigo guest emcee at Snoetry – 1 AM to 5 AM Saturday night / Sunday morning

As the subject says, I will be guest emcee at Snoetry in Elyria, OH from 1 AM to 5 AM Saturday night / Sunday morning.  If you haven’t heard, Snoetry is a 150-hour poetry reading staged by John Burroughs and Dianne Borsenik that’s set to claim the world record for longest poetry event in modern times.  The event is happening NOW, and can be viewed live at Ustream!

So, I have four hours to fill and some nifty technology that allows me to hook my cell phone up to the event’s sound equipment.  Anyone want to read by phone?  Send me an e-mail or a private message if you’re interested.  Let me know how long you would like to read for (15 to 30 minutes), who you are if I don’t already know you, and what your phone number is.  I’ll put a schedule together and let you know what time to expect the call.  :-)