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“Burnt Offerings” by Zachariah Shaskin

There was paradise waiting
at the lost and found
next to an old pair of shoes
and a dinner jacket worn
with holes in its pockets.
Reaching passionately into
core of unerring intent,
burnt offerings
bare livid marks
imprinted on our hearts.
Seal of salvation
branded upon our souls.
Flooded with an ocean of thought
we swim outside the box
leaving paradise with nothing
but a transient name.







Zachariah Shaskin is an outlaw poet roaming wild over the prairies of North Dakota. He is rarely seen, but sightings have been reported sporadically, usually after sun down on the new moon.

“Buckshot” by John Garmon

Sleet drives down the dark street.

A homeless man puts a shawl

Across his wife’s shoulders

And she sleeps

Or tries to sleep


Against a stucco wall

Behind an empty store.

It’s getting cold

This time of year.

Hunger this evening

Pelts her dreams

Like buckshot.

And the night

Crawls along

The alley

Like a cold snake.

And the moon appears to rise

From the mountains

Like a slow mirage.







John Garmon is a writing assistant at the College of Southern Nevada. He has been writing and submitting for 60 years, and his poems have been in Southern Poetry Review, Prairie Schooner, Ploughshares, Paintbrush, The Texas Slough, New Mexico Humanities Review, Clackamas Literary Review, Radius, West, and many other magazines.

“Image” by Consuela Perry

I have an image
The media’s image
They try to define us
They label us
What is a woman?
What makes up a man?
How do you define race?
We’re all put in to a box
Sorted into categories
We’re wrong for wanting to be different
Comfortable in the skin we’re in
Criticized for being less than perfect
The blemishes, the flaws, the flab, and everything that makes us bad
We’re raw, we’re human
We stumble
We fall
We bleed
But we’re only human.








Consuela Perry is a graduate of Emory & Henry College with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a minor in Mass Communications. She has a passion for literature and writing, and strongly believes that writing should connect people.

“Thick Hot Summer” by Michael Britton

Thick, hot summer


sweltering in empty forts.


We found comfort in caves,


dank, wet, and historic.


We were essentially alone


except for the bodies of dead confederates


under island gravestones.


I wanted to stay


and sleep in old war bedrooms,


you were ready to split back to the now.


We hopped on board that ferry and left that thick, hot summer,


and left the ghosts to their holes and cannons.







Michael Britton is originally from Delaware, but currently lives in South Jersey with his wife and three cats.

“No More Sweet Love Songs” by Nyki Edwinna

So you think
You can just put me on pause


And after you have had all of your fun
You can come back to me


Press play


And we can return
To the way things used to be


But sadly
You have been mistaken


My love for you has stopped


So what we once shared
You cannot rewind


When you have been


Out of my life








Nyki Edwinna is the author of Mental Orgasms and the founder/CEO of the communications company, Words From A New York Writer, LLC. She writes poetry, articles, short stories, erotica, and inspirational quotes. Moreover, she is the owner of an online store that caters to poets, writers, and artists.