Daily Archives: September 25, 2012

“House of Discovery” by U.E.S.

Straights are rooms
The majority of this small house

Bis, Trans, Gays and Lesbians are the closets
The minor but visible spaces behind a plain door

Asexuals, Pans, Polys, and Pomos are the hidden rooms
Hardly, if ever, to be discovered

When one takes the time and patience to explore
The many spaces in this small house

It becomes a big mansion
Of discovery and wonder

“Why I Held Onto My Marbles” by Sean Lause

Because they were religious, useless,
fragile and fearless.

Because they circled the world,
and took the form of my summer dreams.

Because whoever invented marbles
must have believed angels were round.

Because the chipped ones were more beautiful.

Because the distance of their journeys
were an exact equation of space and time.

Because there were rules.

Because they were earth, sun, moon and stars
cupped in the palm of one hand.

Because they spun the sun into diamonds,
and sparkled like snake eyes in the winter moon.

Because when they surrounded me,
I was safe from armies of sadness.

Because a pretty girl once blew on my cat's eye
and made it glow.

Because a purie contains emotions
it took me thirty years to comprehend.

Because when I found them again
in my aging parents' basement,
buried under old Christmases
and half a life of loss and illusion,
they remembered.

“A Hiccup in Paradise” by Scott Vaughan

for so long it was so dark
i prayed and prayed
like a boy who would soon die in the war but didn't yet know it
i was too far gone
the drugs had already eaten my body
and were working on my soul.
after a time i awoke hoping things would be different.
praying was easy;
faith was easy;
change was hard;
that dark and bleak january morning i had black coffee
like i always do
but today was the day i realized nothing would change
it was the day i stopped praying
and kicked that dirty habit for good
it was my hardest challenge but my most rewarding feat
because now i see colors bright, and spotted with detail;
and change comes fast instead of late;
and loss doesn't cut me like it used to,
being happy is finally worth it;
because i earned it.

“Keep My Love” by Scott Vaughan

your hands are small
but your love is big
although exclusive, its there for all to see
it beams like the sun through your window
or a young girl's toothy smile
i wish it was mine to keep
to feel
to have
to hold
to bring with me wherever i go
i wish it was mine to keep
wherever i go
i would never misplace it
nor would i have to chase it
for it is already mine

“Nothing Really Matters” by Scott Vaughan

keep me here
don't leave, into the bright daylight
although i know that there are worse things than being alone
i still wish to keep you here
as if i owned you
we could lay around as the sun inches across the sky
turn off our phones and make love in your bed
then sleep some more
at night we could get drunk
i would smell like alcohol and chlorine
but you won't care
because we're 18
and nothing really matters
except our lazy days in your bedroom

“The Glory of a Woman” by Robert O. Adair

Long, auburn hair
flowing in the wind
or black and beautiful,
its soft, silky sheen
cascading over her shoulders,
or Melisande
letting down her golden hair
from the high tower
of her exile,
a precious treasure.
Mermaids singing
on the rocky isles,
combing out
their long tresses
or the Lorelei!
My dear wife
whose once
waist length hair
is not forgotten
as she is not.
A mantle of praise
to the glory of a woman!