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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Poet’s Haven Author Series

One space has opened up in this year’s chapbook publishing schedule, and it is also time to start filling 2013′s release schedule. The Poet’s Haven hereby announces an OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS!

The e-mail address to submit manuscripts to is listed below. Way below. You gotta read the guidelines first. Yes. READ THE GUIDELINES. When we had the open call last year, 75% of the manuscripts submitted did NOT fit the guidelines. READ THE GUIDELINES OR YOUR SUBMISSION WILL BE REJECTED!

A manuscript submission should be in either Word (DOC or DOCX) or plain TXT format. It should be presented in a normal, size 12 font, such as Arial or Times New Roman. It should be 30 to 36 pages in length. I repeat, submitted manuscripts should be 30 to 36 pages. ALTERNATE FORMATS: Have an idea for a different type of publication? The manuscript length can be changed if the publication format changes. For example, a CD with a 20 page chapbook or a 20-24 page chapbook containing full-color artwork throughout.

Content: WE PUBLISH MORE THAN JUST POETRY! We’re interested in publishing artwork, photography, novellas, music, and more!

Who we’re looking for: The Poet’s Haven takes pride in being open to both newcomers and seasoned pros. For legal reasons, chapbook authors must be at least 18 years of age or have a parent or guardian involved in the process from submission to publication. Outside of that, we’re open to everyone.

Payment: Authors receive 20% of all printed copies. That breaks down like this: If the first print run is 100 copies, 20 of them go to the author. If the first print run sells out and a second print run of 50 copies is produced, the author will receive 10 of them. If the author wants/needs to acquire additional copies, he or she can do so at a 40% discount.

Print window: Books are kept in print for 12 months. After the print window has ended, it will be made available as an e-book. Details for e-book editions are being reworked. (Hey, as impersonal as I may find tablet e-book devices to be, they’re proving to be a very strong marketplace for small press publications.)

Okay, you got all that?

Send your manuscript to:

DEADLINE: Get your manuscript in before midnight on Saturday, March 17. Really. The submission address will automatically be deactivated at that time. PROCRASTINATION IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! GET YOUR MANUSCRIPT IN TODAY!

“Ancient Ruins” by Robert O. Adair

Deep in the jungle,
covered with vines
and encroaching trees,
ancient walls and battlements
once drenched in blood
from fierce battles
between heroic warriors!
Stone paved streets,
weed-covered now,
once teeming with busy multitudes.
Temples of forgotten pagan gods
with bloodstained altars.
Deeply hidden in dark, dank,
subterranean chambers.
Solid gold ingots, piled high.
Chests embellished with silver and ivory,
filled to overflowing
with glittering emeralds,
blood red rubies and shining pearls!
Proud, soaring towers
once surveyed mighty vistas
of hubristic, Imperial power.
Lions roam the crumbling royal halls,
lizards crawl in the kings chambers,
apes chatter among the trees,
while birds sing over the whitened bones
of a once mighty army.
Alas! For the passing glory
and grandeur of this world!