Daily Archives: January 20, 2012


Based on the number of text messages and now phone calls I’ve gotten the past week, I feel that I may need to emphasize something: There is NO Saturday Night With The Poet’s Haven event this month. Saturday Night With The Poet’s Haven shows are now bimonthly, held every even-numbered month exclusively at Phoenix Coffee in South Euclid. The next Saturday Night show will be on February 18th. A feature announcement will be made soon.

I will be using the months that we do not have a Saturday Night show to do other types of events. Poet’s Haven will be going to art festivals and staging other types of unique events, working on exposing modern poetry to the wider masses.

While I was planning something cool for this month, the series of automotive catastrophes I’ve dealt with recently have caused me some financial distress. As a result, I put the plans on hold for another time, when I have the financial resources (read that as “gas money”) necessary to successfully pull off the larger event I was aiming for. As it is, with limited travel options, I’ve managed to get a significant amount of work done on the new podcast series (and even some work on material for the “Saturday Night” podcasts, too). More on that in the near future. (NOTHING is getting posted until at least five episodes are complete.)

Fortunately, there’s another big event happening this month that I can direct your attention to! Stardust Poetry at Karma Cafe starts off this coming Tuesday, January 24th! Stardust Poetry will be a monthly open-mic event, held on the fourth Tuesday each month. It is semi-unmoderated, meaning adult language will be okay as long as no young children come in. (We will also do our best to warn any parents that bring kids with them.) Karma Cafe is located at 4339 Dressler Road NW, Canton, OH 44718 (behind Rooster’s, the former Arabica location). Skylark will be emceeing this show. :-) See you there!