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“Word Gun ” by Ghenname Zohra

I can shoot you right here, right now
But I only have my word loaded gun
But I can't use it, I shouldn't
It would bleed you to death
And bring you back to life
With every shot
Every word

“Hangman ” by Ghenname Zohra

Look me in the eye
Admit that all your promises are a lie
Look at me
Look at what you made of me
I'm nothing
Nothing but shattered dreams and broken will
Ruined spirit and unknown future
But I cannot be
I'm engraved in history, you see
As the bravest warrior ever lived
I am the wisdom of my father
I am the firmness of my mother
I am the clever and creative genius
I am the legacy of my ancestors
I am the glory
Of the past days and the future
I am simply your hangman
I rise to your destruction
Because this time is mine, I will have no other

“Call My Name” by Angel Thurston

Here I am, lost without your soul.
Tears fall slowly down my face.
I am lost in this world all alone.
I hear freedom in the distance,
waiting anxiously for my arrival.
Call my name in this deep despair.

Sing the melody I once sang.
Hum the harmony that touched my soul.
Give me the love I once had.
Take me away from my tortured soul,
and let us share yours.
Call my name in this deep despair.

“Mother’s Hands” by Rodolfo Guacena

She carried me in her arms
With nimble hands she let me grow
I trust her touch
And the love all the years
Now wrinkled but wonderful
And movements slow but full of grace and memories
Those hands that nurtured my body and soul