Daily Archives: June 20, 2010

“Overtime” by Ashley Murello

Busy, busy
you're too busy, too lazy,
thoughts too hazy to make sense,
all this time just lost
to crazy
emotions, a tide of tears
rolling in and out
like my mind
working overtime,
a reel of film
that snaps images
but can't quite place them,
can find the setting,
sun setting over me
as I stare up at the sky
watch it fade from blue, grey
black everywhere
and I still sit wondering
how to get out

“Weary Eyes” by Ron Koppelberger

The unity of delicate tomorrows
And still beginnings,
A call to wishes in well-spring rushes of romance,
Affected in rare wines of chance,
Baptized in tears and sweet kisses,
Affirmed in graceful flittering secret.
The drama of corn silk in bloom,
Abiding the caress of weary eyes and
Blossoming youth.

“Cerulean Escape” by Ron Koppelberger

An exclamation in tender breaths of sweet
Tranquility and trifles of wisdom in ashen gray sustenance,
The blessed distance between carefree,
Inexhaustible love, secret charms of character and holy hearts of
Romance, by night and by the silhouettes of
Rapture in cerulean escape.