Daily Archives: August 19, 2009

“Out of Time Blues” by Barry Basden

The misspent youth,
the angry middle years,
the bitterness of age.
Not much to show
for it all when you get
right down to it.

Oh, there was that moment
when a woman walked by
your table one night in
The Village. She looked
at you in a way that almost
lifted you out of your chair,
but as quickly she was gone.

Mostly you remember altered states,
condoms and broken glass,
vacant tin can weedy lots.

You're almost invisible now,
rising like hot cinders
in a chimney—
smokestack lightning
in the house where the
bluesman drank the
poisoned whiskey.

Without hope of
becoming legendary,
you'll join the many others, just
one more sniveling apprentice
in some endless purgatory.

Time to give the devil
his props. You purse
your lips to whistle a
walking blues,
but a heavy door
slams shut behind you

and from somewhere
down a darkened hallway
comes laughter.
Yes, you are certain
you hear laughter.

“Journal Entry From My Imaginary Lover” by D.R. Finney

"Hold still," I tell her while she stands there uncomfortable
waiting for me to take the picture
Her face is cynical so I keep waiting
till that one moment
where she gets vulnerable
and I snap it

Her large doe eyes
and her curly brown hair
"I look like a boy," she always says
and I just laugh
cuz she really doesn't

She's beautiful
even when she's trying to be ugly

It started to rain and she ran outside
I smiled as I watched her dance
The cool breeze played against my face
and she came to me and pulled me by the hands
and said "dance with me"

and so we danced
and then went inside

Against the world she withdraws
but on my bed she blossoms and giggles
There's always something to laugh about
when we're alone
never ready to give herself to me
but mischievous enough to show me she wants it

So I pull her by her knees
to the end of the bed and hover

Her long, thin feet push at my back
Legs pull me closer and our drenched bodies collide
smack kiss and grind
rough jeans against soaked soft cotton
My cold hand sneaks under her shirt
and she cries with laughter

Her ribs press against her brown flesh
and I reach around to pull her deeper

Her breath on my neck gets me stiff and she blushes
I smile and lick her lips
Our tongues and limbs get to wrestling
quarter nelson pin belly-to-belly boston crab
Her body writhes beneath mine slowly

Her hands sneak a peek at my hips
I pulse and press against her
and can no longer hold it in
She muffles my moan in her mouth
and I fall into her arms

We fall asleep to the rain
and when I wake up I take one more picture

“Chain of Haiku from a Rambling Cancer” by D.R. Finney

Excuse me while my
head explodes and
blows my brains to space

Hey Kerouac!
No one goes out
To find themselves anymore

If you actually
spoke to me I would
instantly orgasm

I wake up
to a pretty song
And it's you

If he could he
would push away
his shadow

Here lies your
hopes and there go
my clothes

If he keeps on
fucking himself his
babies will be stupid

Anchor me to
insanity while he
slips away

Her heart went Black
Hole when she
couldn't have him

Watch from the
window as the Tenth
House falls

Fourth House rules:
Obsession, Denial
And then we die.