Daily Archives: December 24, 2007

“Meanings” by Alegria Imperial

Time and eternity have closed in
on figures again, dead winter coming back
to life-another solstice, another
pivot of the spirit. I wish I could
dwell on friendships.

There will be time,
folds of it when it's time for
our exiles to end you had said.
By then, the briar roses would have
transmogrified into sketches on

stark white rims. It would be too cold
to hold hands. We would have to walk
distanced in the freeze as our words
elude meanings now that
they cross heaving seas.

“Somnambulists” by Alegria Imperial

Night dying can't be quiet
here: the air sputters,
roars. Dogs cough
in their sleep. Water laps
edges of dreams.

Someone rises
in the dark, pattering feet
alone. Phantom paws
race the light, purple spears

like bruises night inflicts
on sleep. No one waits for
night dying here:day isn't
a likely light.

“The Colors of Life” by Rebecca Hines

The color of black...
The midnight darkness all around
Of the moonless shadows in
Meadow playgrounds.
A long eternity,
Where time doesn't sleep
Yet only to slip away.
To the bottom of the fragile hourglass
Where dreams come to me.
A shade of grey...
Where mystery is left out in the deep
For the mind to wonder
How could this be?
The longing look in her eyes
That's when you begin to realize
Of the world she belongs in
A change of color in the sky
The story to come left untold
Behind the storm it begins to unfold.
The softness of white...
A light that has entered our lives
An end to all the lies
A change from the asphalt once walked.
To a path were dirt now rests
An old dirt road,
A world all my own.
Pure as snow that cloaks the ground
Diamonds dust that fell all around;
Start to glitter with each step
I begin to take.
The brightness of yellow...
Where tears and sadness
Are wiped away by
Joy and bright smiles.
With closed eyes he enjoys,
The warmth he feels from
Soft sun rays that lay on his face.
Yet also can show the fierce side
Just like lightning strikes
From midnight clouds in the
Darkness of the night.
The luxury of green...
Laying in the cool grass
Cools off any steam.
The stress fades away
I finally can breathe.
Calmness is like a dream to me.
Once weak-willed;
Falling on the line of breaking point,
Looking in his eyes you find
The strength there to survive
The very think left alive.
A splash of blue...
Tears we once shed
And sadness was expressed.
The pain we felt deep inside.
The hurt we couldn't hide
What's left on the outside?
Not all hope is gone;
You're entirely lost
Don't give up for any cost.
You will find the answer
The key to who you truly are.
The fire of red...
When the eyes meet
And you are swept off your feet
Is it me you feel so deeply for?
The fire in your soul begins to spark
Of the passion that burns so sweetly.
Yet we see the ground beneath
Of the blood that was spilt
But we dare not speak.
Ones who have fallen to protect
A death of honor is all that is left.
The structure of brown...
Where no longer alone
Faith begins to grow.
Together we fight the fears that
Was left behind in time,
Coming to gain control.
When you close your eyes;
What do you see within?
Can't you see the beauty taken in?
Getting to know the side you don't see
You'll be surprised of what is
Lost in the deep.
The final gold...
It is not what is on the outside
Yet to other's eyes they are blind,
By the outer beauty that they seek.
Could you turn to walk away
And leave it?
Let go for once of the longing
Want you feel inside.
Use the time to recover
From the evil trick that was
Played by your mind.

There are many colors on this earth.
And with each one a different meaning is said.
For these are the colors to our eyes
The colors of life.

“Onyx” by Rebecca Hines

The black stone of darkness.
Proud is its keeper
The princess of night.
As dreamers play
In dark shadows of midnight
Leaving their symbols of mystery
While reality sleeps silently.
Feeling the cool invitingness
Of the pale moonlight
Softly upon my skin.