Daily Archives: October 29, 2007

“Spirit” by Dennis Glanville

As the spirit passes through,
Out of me and into you.
Can you feel just what I meant
By sin? Do you repent?
Is it the fear of eternal flame
That makes you scream and curse my name?
Or is it your own sense of guilt
Over love abandoned or milk you spilt?
I've felt it far too often in my time on Earth.
It lets you know the nothing you're truly worth.
It leaves you helpless and full of hate.
It leaves you wondering if it's far too late.
Maybe it is.
Maybe it's not.
Maybe you've felt this all before
And maybe you've forgot.
Maybe it's all another lie I use to
Keep you from feeling free.
As the spirit passes through,
Out of you and into me.

“Dolce Vita” by Dennis Glanville

I play guitar,
Write the occasional poesy,
And have no employment except to
Free will.
Am I a bum?
Doleful in the eyes of the 9-to-5er?
The man in the shiny new Beamer says "Yes!"
The woman with two children,
No husband,
But I do not share their
Precious views.
I will not apologize for breathing the workingman's air.
I will not follow their guidelines for etiquette and
Social normality.
The needs like
I find ways to afford.
I have a TV,
But it is shrouded by
Dead skin and
My copies of The Cantos, Howl, and the Tao Te Ching
Are tattered and
Faded by the constant fluorescents.
I will read verse by candlelight
If it comes to that
Write by the light of the moon.
I will consume like all the other creatures that walk upright
But I will do it with the knowledge that
No matter how many items they own,
I will never be one of them.