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“Let it Burn!” by Kyle

When Kyle, Nick ,and Ryan play with fire, it's a very bad thing. Some people would call them pyromaniacs. But one day in the sizzling hot summer of 8th grade, Nick Apel, an athletic 14 year old , Ryan Boyer, a white/sunburned baseball player, and Kyle Martin, a twisted, tan 14 year old, were at Kyle's house trying to figure out what to do.

"Do you have any fire works?" screamed Nick.

"I think so, but we would have to do them by your house," said Kyle.

"Fair enough," said Nick. So Nick, Ryan, and Kyle went from First Street to Peace Lutheran. They were too lazy to walk around on the sidewalk, so they decided to cut through a yard, which was a bad idea because there was a pit-bull waiting for them as soon as they left the first yard.

"Holy crap, Boyer almost got attacked!" screamed Nick wile Boyer was on the ground freaking out and Kyle and Nick were laughing and rolling around on the ground.

When they all got to Nick's house, Boyer screamed, "Where are the goods!" Kyle slowly opened his back pack and showed the 14 year old the one hundred dollars worth of fireworks. The boys were playing with the fireworks behind Nick's garage, and they were doing everything possible with the fireworks, shooting each other, blowing things up , and shooting things.

After a couple of hours the boys finally ran out of fireworks. There were sticks from bottle rockets lying everywhere.

Then faintly red Boyer got a brilliant idea,

"Let's get the gas and a bottle and blow it up!" screamed the excited 14 year old. So Nick, Kyle, and Ryan went to the garage and grabbed a full five gallon gas can.

"This should be enough!" exclaimed Nick. Kyle and Ryan just sat there and laughed. After a couple of minutes looking for something to put the gas in, then they found a 16 oz. Gatorade bottle. Then they had another problem, no working lighters. They had used the four lighters all up that they had bought. It was a good thing Nick's mom was a smoker because they found one next to Nick's mom's head while she was sleeping on the couch.

By the time they found all the supplies, it was 9:00 PM, and Kyle and Ryan had decided to spend the night. After Ryan and Kyle begged their parents to stay, it was 9:45 PM and they were ready to try their experiment.

The not too smart kids filled the 16oz. Gatorade bottle to the top with gasoline and drilled a hole in the top of the cap, so they could drop something in the top to make it explode.

After they had that all together they were ready to try to make some fire. But the bottle would not sit flat. After a little thinking Nick and Kyle, sent Ryan to find a piece of wood. When Ryan found a 2x4 they were set. Nick tried to light the piece of paper and drop it in, but it never worked. The boys tried and tried but never could get it to explode. There was a little flame on the top of the bottle and Kyle got very mad and stupidly kicked the bottom of the full bottle with the little flame on the top.

After that, all hell broke loose. As soon as Kyle kicked the bottle it ignited and set the small lot on fire. The gas spilled out of the broken cap and the bottle blew up. They stood there for a couple of seconds in awe.

Then Nick screamed, "Holy shit, it's going toward the garage!" So as soon as the word came out of Nick's mouth, Nick and Kyle freaked out and started to stomp on the flames but they wouldn't go out. When Nick and Kyle were trying to stomp out the flames, Ryan was no where in sight. Then swooping in to save the day just like Superman, Ryan came with a blanket and started to smother the flames that were all around the yard. But after they got most of the flames gone, there was one big one left and it was right by the garage. They frantically ran over toward the giant flame, Nick had his sister's brand new hat on and started to beat the flame with it. After the boys battled the raging flames in Nick's backyard, they decided to go to make some pizza and do stupid things all through the rest of the night.

“Water Logged” by Kyle

"Hey, dumbass!" yelled a voice from inside the tiny shack.

"Oh man dude, your breath stinks, brush those things dude," said Kyle as he confusedly wakes up. Perry's dog was leaning over him, panting, ready for his daily exercise.

"It's raining out boys, I think we should do a morning run in this slop. It'll be a blast!" said Perry as he thought out loud.

"Dude, that'd be intense. I love mud riding!" exclaimed Kyle.

"I suppose," said Martin.

"Are you guys crazy?" Tom asked. "It's pouring out and you're going to go ride?"

"Yeah!" they all responded.

"Alright just don't ride over your abilities, and don't do anything stupid," said Tom responsively.

Tom Liesener, Kyle's Dad, worried a lot, but he didn't show it that often. That day he didn't seem too worried about the four of them going on a ride. Kyle's Dad looked him in the eye and told Kyle, through his muscular square jaw, "Kyle look after your brother." Kyle didn't think anything of it as they were preparing to leave. Perry was putting on a rain suit, and getting everything as waterproof as possible.

"Hey Perry! What's the rain suit for?" Martin asked in a stupid tone.

Kyle Martin had been friends with Kyle since they were both three years old. Martin tended to ask dumb questions to try to be funny.

"I heard it's a little wet out. You should probably put one on too," Perry said in a snide voice while giving him a glare.

"Yeah right man, it's just water. It's not like I'm going to get soaked," Martin said in a cocky voice.

Perry squinted his eyes and opened his mouth revealing his pearly teeth through his unshaved burly face. "I don't care what you do, but your going to get wet and cold, it's guaranteed," replied Perry knowingly.

Perry is a smart businessman who was once a pro dirt biker. He loved to trail ride with Kyle and Kyle Martin, and they always have a good time together. But they never really thought about stuff before actually doing it. This adventure was definitely full of trouble, even though there was no doubt in their minds that this trip was going to be flawless at the time.

The convoy headed out and got to the trail in about fifteen minutes. At the first part of the trail, the puddles were only about a foot deep in the middle. On each side of the trail there were sometimes swamps full of knee deep water. It just so happened that one of them spilled over into the trail and was a little deeper than the others. Kyle made it through just fine being the third from the front, with Martin as the only one behind him on the trail. Kyle waited for about a minute and realized something happened to Martin, because he wasn't catching up. Kyle went back to the spot where the swamp spilled over and turned off his bike. As soon as it was turned off he heard Martin yelling some vulgar words at the overturned four-wheeler. Kyle went closer to the puddle and saw an opening where the four-wheeler had plummeted through the trees following the overflow. Martin decided to hit the water full speed, causing the wheeler to flip over in the water. Kyle abandoned his bike and helped him flip the four-wheeler back on its wheels. Martin pulled it over, and as soon as he did so, it took off all by itself. Luckily there was a tree that decided to stop the four-wheeler. If that tree wasn't there, Martin would've gone through the woods a lot farther than he did. It turned out that the throttle was stuck, from rolling over.

After that exiting incident the four of them continued to ride, and made it about thirty miles from camp. Sam's bike then had some problems. The chain came loose and got jammed causing the back wheel to be unable to move. They couldn't get the chain unstuck, so they had to take the bike back by way of the four-wheeler. Perry wanted to drive the four-wheeler back, so he could take it easy. Kyle then had to ride Perry's bike, and Martin had to ride Kyle's bike, because Perry's bike had too much power for Martin, who was just a beginner. Since there was no room for Kyle's brother, Sam, to ride two up on the four-wheeler, he had to ride with Kyle on Perry's Yamaha 450 dirt bike. Perry's dirt bike had six times the power of Kyle's Honda 125 that Martin had to drive.

The part of the trail that they were on was the muddiest part so far. The puddles were much deeper. With his brother on the back, Kyle found it funny listening to him scream as they hydroplaned the dirt bike through knee deep water. The second puddle Kyle had hit was just about waist high, and the bike fell sideways instantly. This sent him and his brother flying into the puddle. Sam was screaming and crying because he was soaked. At the time Kyle could care less about Sam, because he knew Sam wasn't hurt. The bike was what he was worried about. Kyle hadn't turned it off on time and it sucked in water after it tipped over. It was definitely water seized. Martin came back and helped them remove it form the water, and then left after he was told by Kyle to go get Perry, who was leading.

"Alright dude good luck!" Martin yelled through the rush of rain dripping down his soaked helmet.

"What no! Go get Perry! Don't leave me here!" Kyle yelled to Martin as he drove a way. Unfortunately Martin didn't hear Kyle. Martin mistakenly thought he was told to go catch Perry not to go get Perry. That was the last time Kyle and Sam saw anyone from their convoy for three hours.

Sam was a little shaken up, so now that they had the bike out of the water Kyle's first concern was Sam. At this time Sam was just getting over a type of sleep apnea that causes you to stress out very easily and start screaming. So Kyle didn't really want that to happen at a time like this. The first thing Kyle did was give Sam his rain stuff to keep him warm.

"Sam, lay down and try to get some rest, don't worry about anything, I'll take care of it," Kyle commanded him.

"I'll try, but I don't feel good right now," Sam said through his tearful bloodshot eyes, and runny nose.

Kyle then made many attempts to start the bike. He kicked the starter so many times that he had an indentation in his boot. Every time he tried to start the bike it seemed to get closer and closer to turning over, but water kept steadily coming out of the exhaust.

Kyle was just about ready to give up and walk the five miles to town with Sam, to try and call for help. But at that time he heard something coming. There were actually other people coming on the trail. Luckily Kyle decided to push the dirt bike to a three way intersection right after the bike seized. He knew the two of them would be more likely to see someone there. About five minutes after hearing the machine, a two wheel drive four-wheeler emerged from the rainy, muddy hell.

"Hey do you have a rope?" Kyle questioned the man.

"No," he replied as Kyle's hopes dropped, "but my friend has a four-wheel drive utility four-wheeler, and he's got one," he said as Kyle's heart jumped into his throat.

"Oh thank God!" Kyle exclaimed.

The two men, one driving the four-wheeler and one on the dirt bike, took the machines to Highway 54 and pop started the bike, going about 70 miles per hour. Kyle and Sam then were good to go, three hours later than the time Kyle sank the bike. They made it back with no problems after that.

At the time the two of them returned there was no one at the cabin, they were now looking for Kyle and Sam. The rest of the time Kyle and Sam spent packing up, waiting for the search party to return.

When the search returned, Tom was almost in tears. He thought that something bad happened to the both of them, and he was yelling at Perry so bad for leaving them in the woods. But it wasn't just a dumb move on Perry that day, there was only one person who didn't do anything wrong that day on the trail, and that was Sam. Even though he was the one whose bike broke, he still didn't do anything stupid on the trail. The whole group learned something that day, if you're going trail riding you must be prepared for anything and everything.

“My Beloved Son” by Barbara

My beloved son, I love you so
you're gone from me now
but I want you to know
I'll think of you forever
when the winds blow
when the stars come out at night
when the sun shines so bright
you were such a sweet boy and a fine man
your life was a struggle and now it's over
take care my son and be at peace
death is but a sweet release.

“Mid-summer’s Daydream” by MVJ Simon

Streams of sweat
Bringing sweet relief

Sizzling city streets
Scorching hurried feet

Temperatures rising
Flaring tempers

Scowling sullen faces
Drowsy with sleeplessness

Bare upper bodies
Shimmering in the sun

The days go on
Nights are long

The rich escape
Hills and misty air

It's the poor
who bear the brunt

Summer's here
every year

Will it rain?
If ever, when?<

“Walk” by MVJ Simon

The wide blue highway
Or a narrow winding road,
It really doesn't matter
As long as you're walking.
Walk. Walk
That's all you've got to do

The tender desert sand
Or hard rocky mountain
It really doesn't matter
As long as you're walking
Walk. Walk
That's all you've got to do

The taut tight rope
Or lax corridors of power
It really doesn't matter
As long as you're walking
Walk. Walk
That's all you've got to do

Doors of hallowed learning
Or lessons learnt on street
It doesn't really matter
As long as you're walking
Walk. Walk
That's all you've got to do

The wild side of life
Or the straight and narrow path
It doesn't really matter
As long as you're walking
Walk. Walk.
That's all you've got to do


“Let Me Live” by MVJ Simon

I want to watch the sun rise on Mt. Kanchenjunga
And feel its warm rays seep down to my heart

I want to lie down on a moist grass carpet
And feel the rhythm of my own heart beat

I want to watch the sky lying down
And see the stars shine down on me

I want to sleep on a rustic canoe
And let the lakes waters gently rock me deep

I want to drink sweet nectar
Freshly drawn from a wild flower

I want to ride a stallion
Bareback with no saddle and stirrup

I want to fly out into space
And look at earth down below

I want to reach to my fellow man
And comfort him when he's down

I want to lend a helping hand
And lift up the ones who are in need

I want to live a full life
And live on after I am gone

“Rain” by MVJ Simon

Stinging your face
Harsh rebukes
Thunder roll
Flashes of pain
Dark and furious
Waters of rain

Fading slowly
Anger receding
Soft and gentle
A caressing touch
Earth renewed
A fragrance spread

Showers of love
Moods natural
Wondrous chameleons
Nature's ways
Loving and harsh

“Day Shadowed By Night” by Casalis

Night creeps up behind the day
Like a shadow restless on the walls
Lit by the moon that shines its silver bright
Like a song of happy mood
In weary night
A weary night that indicates
A life made right
And is now vacant
Or so it seems
As good is tried
Instead of the midnight crimes
That used to be
Restless mind in restless night
Shadows dark in the once dark mind
All is new
As new as every moon
And dark once again
Every full moon
That seems to come each month
Like that same nightmare
That ripples my heart
And shakes my body awake
As I awake again to the day
The day shadowed by night

“Cinco de Mayo ’95″ by Janet Wooldridge

Resting my weary head
on the ground tonight
will be a tribute
to Sleep.
Closing my mind
will be the challenge.
Too many thoughts
worries and words
packed in-
atoms knocking together
beating each other for
space, a chance to star.

They're singing their souls
out next door
glorious voices hitting
the night air echoed
by sirens down the block.
There's salvation here
in a garden like Eden
thriving in the dregs
of the city.
Cry hallelujah! again-
they didn't hear you
right the first time.
They still can't stop
the kudzu from growing
the voices praising
minds thinking out loud.

“Happy New Year” by William Lacewell, Jr.

It's a blessing to be alive to see another year
For there are many that are not alive today
We have another chance to make promises
And resolutions and whatever we may

We have a chance to start a fresh life
With a new vision for our children to reach
A chance for a better life we hope
With realistic goals we hope for each

We hope that this is our year to prosper
And we really feel we have a chance too
This is the year we'll stick to our budget
And pay our bills on time all year through

This is the year we'll be healthy and strong
And our family will be closely knitted together
We'll have a happy and productive year
And survive throughout the stormy weather

One thing to remember which will help you
As you go through this year as you may
Is that every day you have above the ground
Is consider a blessing for you each day

“Christmas Time” by William Lacewell, Jr.

It's Christmas time look at the snow
It looks like a winter wonderland
The kids are skating on the pond
Around and around as they hold hands

It's fun to see the smiles and games
The kids are playing in the snow
They are singing and playing merrily
And they are really putting on a show

The sleigh bells are ringing loudly
As the sleighs seem to be racing
People are waving and laughing
Those walking are frantically pacing

It's Christmas time and you can tell
Everyone is so polite and nice
I wish it was this way all year
I'd change it now and not think twice

On Christmas day when kids get up
The presents are under the tree
Their eyes will seem twice the size
As they open their presents frantically

“Know Me” by William Lacewell, Jr.

How can you say you know me
When I really don't know myself
You don't necessarily see the real me you see
For the real me may be tucked away on a shelf

You don't really know me at all
Your perception is based on what you see
You don't know if I'm perpetrating a fraud
Because you're not really close to me

You don't know how I feel about life
Nor how I deal with life's many tensions
You don't know how I feel about death
Which is a subject people don't like to mention

You don't know how I really feel
Or what heartaches I've gone through
You don't know how I feel about myself
You don't really know how I feel about you

Outward appearances can be deceiving
You should know that by now you see
I've been with me for fifty nine years
I still don't really know me

“Aiden” by William Lacewell, Jr.

Aiden was born prematurely
But will soon catch up in life
He will grow up as a child should
Not getting caught up in adults strife

Aiden barely opens his eyes
In his parents arms he feels secure
They look at him with glowing eyes
Their love for him will always endure

Aiden has his own timetable
As all babies seem to do
He eats and sleeps most of the day
At night he stays awake to watch you

Aidens' dad can barely wait
To buy him that first basketball and bat
His love for Aiden can be seen in his eyes
You can't love anyone any more than that

“Papa Amos” by William Lacewell, Jr.

Papa Amos was our grandfather
He was very dear to us but could not see
He went blind due to glaucoma
Which at the time was a mystery to me

Papa Amos would say "I've seen the times"
When we'd say you can't see at all
It's amazing how he could get around
When we always expected him to fall

Miss Sara our grandmother would prepare his meals
Then say Amos your plate is in front of you
He would find his plate and eat his food
Then smile and say I'm through

Papa Amos said he never had any bad luck
He always seemed happy to me
My sister Celeste responded "How can you say that
When you're as blind as you can be"

Celeste would describe the sky to him
He'd close his eyes and laugh with glee
We knew he was thinking back
To the time when he could see

Papa Amos liked to hear us tell riddles
For we knew some that were really famous
someone asked "what has eyes but cannot see"
My sister Celeste quickly replied "Papa Amos"

“Foreplay” by Janet Wooldridge

The simple contact
of human touch
turns my nerves
to rubber;
my skin crawls
with invisible insects,
my muscles
pull back, vipers
facing an enemy.

Tickles reap
laughter ridged
with pain and
arms outstretched
in welcome bear

Somewhere, there is
a pair of hands
that can massage
my nerves;
a fingerprint
to mark my soul...
to feel that touch
I must accept
bruises and scars.

Marks on the soul
tell the story
of a heart.

“Open Window” by Ami Kaye

Pale imaginings color
my dreams.
The windows to my soul
are not my eyes,
they are my poems.
Words spoken straight
from the heart; true of self
authenticated by pain,
supported by the ruddy fire
of laughter and banished
with the grey tears of life.

I think and feel sorely
through unvarnished words,
the vanquished fear of vulnerability
and yet the strength of truth,
searing honesty that
sits upon the balanced edge of eternity;
that which flies and which remains
can be seen, filtered through
a semblance of

That which enters
can also depart
through the
open window
in idyllic realities
beyond a veiled Elysium.

“A Walk in the Rain” by Ami Kaye

Rains bold!
Winds cold-
lovers two,
I and you.

Dripping wet
such a mess!
still walking
still talking.

Clap o'thunder,
clouds asunder.
"Hold me tight"-
"It's all right."

"Well my dear,
home is here,
fire's bright
come inside."

"There's a breeze,
how I freeze,"
"Close the door,
talk no more!"

“Stoneheart” by Ami Kaye

Long gone,
he feels nothing.
Not the icy cold,
nor the blistering heat.
With heart made of stone,
unseeing eyes of grey,
he stares vacantly
into the face of forever.
Unyielding as granite;
he stands
in memorium,
- a statue.

“Two Shades of Lipstick” by Ami Kaye

I know you lie
when you say
you love me;
I only have
two shades
of lipstick.

I know you lie
when you kiss me;
I can't recognize
the perfume
that lingers
in your hair.

I know you lie
as you smile.
I silence my
twisted heart
and smile back,
- that is the biggest
lie of them all.

“Child Again” by Ami Kaye

Feeling blue

I rummage through,
search feverishly

the kitchen
and finally find
in a painted yellow tin,
brown and sweet
melting little chips
embedded in between
luscious bites
of cookie.
Chocolate flavor
bursts upon the
eager tongue.

Dipped in milk...

Child again.<