Daily Archives: May 18, 2007

“Nero” by Charles Freundlich

Where is my trusty lyre,
My Roman attire?
Where are my food-tasters,
And my courtly time-wasters?

Though my songs cannot compare
With those of Jerome Kern's
Who else can write songs
While old Rome burns?

Let me tell you,
Before I am through,
There will be an eruption
Of utter corruption
And though many call me "Sire"
Even I will be for hire!

I am the mighty Roman Emperor!
My name is Nero
And compared to me,
Everybody else is Zero!

“The Sky Is Not Falling” by Charles Freundlich

My little pal Paul,
The sky will never fall
Not on your head
Not while you're in bed!

My little pal Paul
Who thinks that the sky is about to fall
My precious young child
Who thinks it is appalling
That the sky might be falling

I'm aware of your childhood fear
That to you seems to be so very near
Someday, you will be
Courageous and tall,
(Or even courageous and small -
For you don't really have to be tall
To be courageous, Little Paul
Just being around those who are courageous
Can prove to be quite contagious)
It does not depend on our size
Now that would be quite outrageous!

And you will no longer think
That the sky will fall, my little pal Paul

This was a major riddle
For someone called "Chicken Little"
Yes - heed what I said;
The sky will never fall
On your precious little head
Now please go back to bed!

My little pal Paul,
Do you recall your other fear
That you hold so very near?
You need have no such fear
For the answer is very clear

You will never fall off the Earth,
The planet of your birth
For you see,
You are being protected
By a force called "Gravi-ty"

Don't worry your precious little head
And please do as I said -
You've already been fed,
So will you please just go back to bed?

“The Holocaust” by Charles Freundlich

They were Jews with tattoos,
Tattoos not meant to amuse
Jews who had much to lose
And didn't have the power to choose

Survivors still speak of the 'Camps'
Where many were turned into
Shades for Lamps

Those who think that
Folks were well-fed
Must indeed be
Touched in the head
(Then why did they fight for
Tiny scraps of stale bread?)

There was relentless cold
Suffered by both young and old

Throughout some of those camps
Were to be seen
"Smoke Stacks," built by
Those who had been mean

Often, there would be heard a yelp
From a child whom its parents could not help

Corpses were piled up
Like Skeletons after Halloween
An ugly reminder of
Those who had been mean

It wasn't until the word got out,
That the horrified world proceeded to shout...
(Our military files
Still tell of the "Nuremberg Trials")

The world still laments
Those unfortunate Ladies, Children and Gents
There is no measuring device
That could ever suffice
To calculate what was lost
During the event
Known simply as "The Holocaust"

“Transcendent Horizon” by Phillip Bennett

I remember the summer days I laid across the grass in the backyard,
feeling the fingers brush across my back as my mind wondered with each
cloud that marched ritually across the sky.

Each cloud looked like a face, looking down on the soul drowning in the sea of grass.
I use to ponder climbing the tress, hoping to give my voice leverage so these faces could
answer the many questions I had.

Was it grandpa's face in the sky, waiting for me to pick up that bat in the basement,
so I could entertain all his new friends with my lack of skill? Or was it Uncle Earl,
asking me to pick numbers for the new lottery games he gets to play?

Maybe the birds could tell me as they soar high enough to hear these voices, but they
would never tell me a thing, so I close my eyes and try to interpret the sounds of the wind
pushing across my face.

“Imposter” by Bambie Starr

I feel like I'm living somebody else's life. The fat lying on the bed isn't really me. This is somebody else's cozy, little home and any minute she's going to come back and I'll be arrested for trespassing. I'll spend the rest of my days as somebody's prison bitch. The perfect ending to a perfect li(f)e.

Meanwhile, the real me is getting away with murder because she donates faithfully to the youth center and sells the most brownies at every church fundraiser. Then she takes her husband's check to the store where she buys diapers and groceries and anything else they may want or need. Whatever's left will be put towards her annual trip to the Women Writer's Conference in Hawaii, which is code for "Honolulu with your boss."

“Heavens Tears” by Richard Spasoff

It was a rainy night.
And our love was running strong for each other.
Our hearts were torn and our feelings were high.
We talk of all the good times we have had.
We forgave each other for the hurt we may have caused one another.
Settling up, on things we wanted to do .
But never had the chance.
Our dreams, past us bye in the mist of our passion of which we shared that night.
Emotions on hold.
Loving one another through the night.
Time past and our love stood still in the mist of the rain.
Our arms rap around our bodies ever so tightly.
Knowing that we had this moment to cherish until we would meet again in eternity.
I love her and I knew she loved me too.

Saying good bye with open minds.
Leaving on a positive and loving note.
Is not always easy.
But I am so happy, I am able to experience the last goodbye that lingers in our consciousness.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
The peace of mind and and freedom that settles in crevices of our Souls.
Fills the core of our being.
But last is the sadness of which we shared.
And the Joy of what we experience for those last moments.
Our two souls. lingered for the moment in the contentment of our over flowing delight.
To know the love which we had shared was real, was alive, and filled with so much happiness' and compassion for one another.
On that night, I will never forget.
That the rain drops which were falling down from the sky, were heaven's tears crying for us.

“Give Up On Me” by Bambie Starr

I see you all the time, but never your eyes
I used to hurt, but now I just sigh
I've tried too hard to make you see
But you've completely given up on me
Always judging by the way I look
Excuse me for not being what you've read in books
You have a lot of nerve to label me
If I wanted to I could find a category
That fits you, but why waste my time
I don't know your name let alone your mind
But I wonder how pathetic your life must be
If you've nothing better to do than scrutinize me
So deplore and despise all you want
And pretend to be so nonchalant
Knowing you will never do the time
For your cruel and spiteful crimes
It's all good, I'll play your game
Just don't expect to find your name
In the credits on my movie screen
Because I've already edited out your scene
I've learned the hard way that standards are double
A man is just a man while a woman is only trouble
I won't be broken by fear and bound by rules
I refuse to be an attraction at your zoo
I am what I am whether you like it or hate it
Call me stubborn because I won't inundate it
I only feel shame because you can't see
That I have yet to give up on me

“One Moment” by Bambie Starr

Just takes one moment
For me to win
Bite the bullet
Then slice the skin
The deeper it goes
The better it feels
And in that one moment
I know what is real
Addicted to the blade
Won't stop till it bleeds
Sometimes it scares
But this is how it has to be
It all makes sense now
I know where I belong
And in that one moment
The pain is gone
People think I'm foolish
They think I should stop
They can't see that
It's all that I've got
In that one moment
Know what I'm living for
So please just give me
One moment more

“Another Sleepless Night” by Bambie Starr

On another sleepless night
I sit on my porch of cinder blocks
In silence
Except for the rhythmic chirping of a cricket
And the occasional passing car
The trees appear as tall lurking strangers
Casting unfamiliar shadows across houses
The air is smooth and cool
And the gray-blue mass overhead is dusted with glitter
On another sleepless night
I sit on my porch of cinder blocks
In remembrance
I embrace memories of my childhood and regret
Only that I did not live it more freely
I recall moments like these and realize there are few
I look upon myself and my situation and wonder
What have I done to get here
Or have I done anything at all
Is it just my fate
I question myself and the man that denied me
On another sleepless night
I sit on my porch of cinder blocks
In love
In love with a man that doesn't exist
Dreaming things that will never be
Hoping for things that are impossible for a mere woman
I sit, filled with guilt worry and sorrow
My feet are in the grave and sinking fast
I see no relief from this pressure on my shoulders, cramping my neck
I see no way out of this black hole that I've been sucked into
I see nothing