Daily Archives: January 13, 2007

“Suicidal Awakening” by Andrea Rehlinger

He wakes up in the morning
The daily routine
Shower, teeth, hair
About twenty minutes worth

He cares about his appearance
But people don't even notice
His clothes mean nothing
When they are covering a mangled body

His pimply face gleams with oil
He limps down the hall
The car crash was bad
He shouldn't have drank

Three broken ribs
A broken arm and leg
Scars from the flames cover his torso
He shouldn't have drove

He finally reaches his destination
The door is open and he walks in
People glare back at him
There lies a girl in a hospital bed

"Has she responded yet" he asks
No response
Just sobs
He limps to her side and whispers something in her ear

That night it was too much
The pain, guilt, sorrow
He hung himself from the monkey bars
She woke up the next morning.

“Homework Hating” by Christina Enright

Homework is no fun,
When your friends are playing in the sun
Who likes homework, is there anyone at all?
Right now, I could be playing Basketball!
We all certainely despise it.
Even nerds hate it, they admit
Math, science, history, grammar,
tearing with an axe or hammer.

“The Homeless ” by Kathleen Walsh

The scatttered army
Holds posts on the street
Their weather worn faces
Framing tired watching eyes
Camouflaged in dirt
They blend into their surroundings
In tattered uniforms resting on
Battle beaten bodies
Their voices have escaped them
Replaced by rasped echoes
Victory has vanished
Dissolved into time
But the soliders stand proud
In their unfamiliar setting
Remaining, surviving, persisting