Daily Archives: December 22, 2006

“Colour Me” by Gregory Golden

Joy comes in the mourning,
And you color me true
Colour me red,
And colour me blue

Lavender sky dancing
on sugar plum clouds
Olive green corn stalks
nestled on a farm
Curious black crows
nobody wants to know
Orange blossoms planted
in soft maple hair
Ruby red slippers
and no place like home
Crimson red sunset
Reflects in indigo eyes

Colour me bright,
and colour me bold
You bring autumn leaves
painted green and gold

“An Hour After” by Mike Sawyer

Morpheus, God of Sleep and Dreams.
Speaks to the High Council:
Zeus, Hera, Helios, Nike,
Athene, Horae, Poseidon,
Fates, Ares, and Selene.

"Heed my presage for
Darkness conspires in this
Infantile age. Summon forth all
Aid that can be, forge alliances
With those that will be. War
Cannot be circumvented by
Our means nor of Mortal
Urges. Our actions must be
Vigilant and resolute or
Our existence in
Question will be

Rise Angels, tomorrow brings death and
Destiny. Darkness engulfs the earth,
Humans lay in peril's path. Bring forth
Hearts of steel and the Gods scorn,
Into battle. Muster among twilight's
Scorching shield for deployment, fear
Not the hour of death but deliver
This hour unto thy foes. Every race
Has been inducted into this war,
Spring's wind carries courage as
The days wonder on by. Fields lay
In horrid disarray, blood nurtures
The graves for the dead.

Humans' entomb yourselves with faith
And embitter thy enemies with
An epic heart. Turn to Gaea, her
Womb is yours to partake in.
Align the dreams of victory
With the nightmares of savagery,
Forestall your demise on earth.
Summer's rain quenches the
Dying's thirst for life. Cross
The threshold of death and
Into Hades' Castle with a
Staunch valor.

Elves listen to thy
Forest homes die from evil's campaign. Crono's
Fate lays in your hearts, autumn becomes
A strong magic in your souls. Stop
Weeping for yourselves, begin anew
With nature's fury. Stand watch
In midnights glow, waver as
A mirage to the enemy. Be
Strength to fallen allies, surround
The enemies assault as wind.
During rain. Empty
Their casks {blood} for
Earth's parched lips.

Dwarves, become
Noble warriors once again
In this bleak time. Raise your
Spirits to Ares, for his love
Shall overpower all dour realities.
Winter blesses your hands with
Ore, turn your will to Vulcan
So his hands can craft perfection.
Bless thy enemies with every
Killing stroke, Forge Darkness's
Doom on thine anvils, winter
Holds comfort in thy furnaces.
Give to her the bodies that
Belong in her cold gardens
Of Death.

“An Hour Before” by Mike Sawyer

Dark angels upraise from your
Sleeping tombs, tomes of ancient
Horror foretells the disgrace. Fires of hell,
Shimmer and call for souls. Darkness prowls
All thoughts and produces an evil offspring,
A midnight mass bless this one. Humanity
Has fallen, old glory hinders this new
Age evolution.

Demons of old, come forth to drink
From the sacrifice. Bury all in deaths
Crypt, forgotten acts of malice is yours
To revive. Recruit from the necromancer's village.
Powers are kept within your own violent hearts.
Obey these orders, beware of time for
Aggression blinds both master and slave.
Wait for the black sun, listen to the glee
Of the tomes. That is the signal to bring
Forth decay and destruction on mans'

Witches and warlocks gather to the
Table, the hour is cold and you are
Needed. Resurrect the families before the
Golden dawn, be guardians for this
New Year. Guide the commander's
Well, instruments of mage and
War lay before you. Not one
Birth is to survive the coming of
The Anti Gods.

“Autumn in New Mexico” by Rebecca Guile Hudson

Golden curtains shimmer down
to ground and grass
through high-arcing, brilliant double rainbows,
children of the rain
and setting sun

The air is tangible,
yellow, fragrant

Wind's luxurious fingers
stroke the trailing green tresses
of swaying desert willows
while orchestral cicadas
play their evening waltzes
on winged, electric instruments

And night draws down its starlit shades
on nature's forever unfinished symphony

“Cedar Mountain” by Lee Allison

My breath jolted with a chill,
But the diamondback remained motionless
Like a disembodied leg across the trail.
A hole peered into its belly, alive
With beetles and flies, and then I realized a stench
Thick against the dry air.

I glanced ahead to the up-winding switchbacks,
The weeded terrain at the path edges-
Too steep to pass on. The bulk of my pack,
The swelling in my boots, and the stench,
All urged me onward.

Twenty miles from the road I stepped over the rattler.
A stream of flies spewed from the stomach up
Through the arch of my groin, round
My body, weaving. My eyes widened
As the floating dots rose up
Above the shadows from the rocks and the evergreens.

“Omnimagik” by Akai D’amour O’Keefe

I grew from an atom
Brought to this I was
Thrown from what word before
Memory can not show me
What I already know
The ache of life
Mind-bones creak at the dawn
Flipping my yoke of sadness
So that I may wear
The illusion of limits
Beyond what is sure
To be real or reason
I understand that I am here
But now I want to know

Hear the chime of my heart
The tingle tone of time
Warm aroma of almond ginger
Floating with amber mist
Blown by a spirit's kiss
As a breeze to me, behold
Thought splash emotion
An acceleration of stillness
A path to the seat
Of resting celestial presence
Lovely warm chill energetic
And gathered to the embrace